Annual Accounts

Track your company’s activity over the year and make sure your taxes are paid in time so you don’t get arrested.

How we help

We can’t promise you a solid 8 hours of sleep, but our accountants can certainly take a weight off your shoulders…

Forget the usual nine months to file your accounts. We’ll get it done in three

How? Daily bookkeeping so you have up-to-date figures as soon as the very next day.

With all that free time we’ll help you plan for the future and achieve your goals with quarterly catch-ups to keep you accountable.

You’ll also get proactive tax planning to make sure you’re not missing out on any savings.

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More than just the numbers

Make sense of the numbers and have the jargon explained to you by an expert.

So you can look at your numbers proactively rather than retrospectively.

And have a team on hand to help you with any queries.

With a fully digital accountancy function, you’ll be putting Rachel Riley to shame with your understanding of the numbers.

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In days gone by, accountants have requested boxes full of receipts of their clients, saved up for months at a time.

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Daily Bookkeeping means your figures are up to date as soon as the next day so you can make more informed decisions and plan better.

With Daily Bookkeeping, you simply take a picture of a receipt using the Dext app, send it to us, and we reconcile them everyday so your figures are up to date on Xero.

So that client lunch you went to yesterday? Once you send the receipt over you’ll be able to see if reflected in your Xero as soon as the next day.

Real-time data = real-time business decisions.


What do we mean when we talk about Dinosaur Accountants?

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How to spot a dinosaur:

  • Gets you to send months of receipts in one go
  • Only speaks to you near the financial year-end
  • Doesn’t offer any proactive tax planning
  • Makes no attempt to understand your business or industry
  • Heavily relies on outdated technology that isn’t fit for purpose (i.e Excel Spreadsheets…)
  • Speaks in accounting jargon.

The time for accounting dinosaurs is over, find out how we do things differently and get in touch today!

Xero to Hero. Yes, it's fair to say we love Xero.

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Xero speaks the language of business owners.

There’s no industry jargon, it’s easy to use and is specifically aimed at business owners rather than accountants.

So if you haven’t used Xero before, don’t fret. After a bit of training with our onboarding team, you’ll be a master in no time.

We pride ourselves in being one of the best Xero Advisors in the country. For us, it’s the only choice!

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Blowing our own trumpet

Jonas Kibrick
Very helpful in taking care of everything I need. Even when I'm not the easiest customer Jonas Kibrick
Joe Wilkinson, HEAT
Best accountancy team we have ever worked with!! Max and Georgina are amazing and ensure everything gets done before they go offline. Couldn't wish for a better service. Thanks again team, looking forward to working together for a long time!...
Anjana Silva
Fantastic service, Tas and Georgina always do a great job!
Jason Williams, X Digital Media Limited
A breath of fresh air! Only been with them a month but great onboarding process so far. Sent me personalise video guides to explain things. Clara is focussed on making my life easier, and is proactive, knowledgeable and enthusiastic.
Susie Batista
healthcare accountants
Susie Batista

I’ve been with Accounts and Legal for just under a year and it’s true to say they’ve helped my business in a huge way. I was recommended them by my business coach which really says a...

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