Everything all in one place - surely not?

As a business owner, you can’t go it alone. As much as you might want to, there are too many plates to spin.

Combining accounts, tax, legal and corporate finance in one place makes things simpler for business owners.

So rather than juggling multiple relationships, you can work with one firm who all know exactly where you’re up to at any given time.

Think of us as a fully functioning outsourced finance, legal and tax arm!

Growth - the proof is in the pudding...

When we talk about helping our clients grow, we know a thing or two. Not only do we help our clients grow – we’ve also done it ourselves…

In 2015 we had 5 staff members and 1 office in London. Fast-forward to 2023, and we have 40 staff members and offices in Brighton, Liverpool and Manchester.

We know what it’s like to grow, we know how it works.

We understand the highs, lows and everything in between.


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Tech a leaf out of our book...

Aside from awful puns, we also love using technology to get the best for our clients.

Our clients use Xero and its app stack to automate time-consuming processes and make sure your numbers are represented in real-time.

We do bookkeeping daily using pictures of your receipts and invoices.

With up-to-date figures it means you’ll be on top of the numbers and able to react to things in real-time rather than retrospectively.

It also means you can make tax savings way ahead of any looming deadlines.

In a nutshell, you’ll be way more informed on your numbers and much more prepared for any accounts deadlines before they happen.

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But don’t just take our word for it..read our reviews

Anjana Silva
Fantastic service, Tas and Georgina always do a great job!
Paul Kirtley, Frontier Bushcraft
I have been using Accounts and Legal to undertake bookkeeping, VAT returns and accounting for the best part of a decade. The day-to-day service provided is efficient and consistent, along with A+L having a range of knowledgeable professionals with whom...
Jason Williams, X Digital Media Limited
A breath of fresh air! Only been with them a month but great onboarding process so far. Sent me personalise video guides to explain things. Clara is focussed on making my life easier, and is proactive, knowledgeable and enthusiastic.
Ryan Brookes, Manor Architecture
I started my own business 6 months ago and appointed A+L to help me get the ball rolling. Finance has historically been my weak point and I found my initial meeting with Stuart and the proactive approach taken by the...
Challenge Sophie – Business Planning
A female stood at the top of tall hills in sportswear
Challenge Sophie – Business Planning

Sometimes we really love our job, and meeting clients like Sophie Storm Roberts from Challenge Sophie is exactly why. So what does Sophie do? I suppose you could say that Sophie is ‘living the dream’. After...

Read review

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