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Service and Supplier Agreements

Avoid any confusion from the get-go using service and supplier agreements to make sure your business is covered

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Protect your business from any potential issues with suppliers or clients by outlining your terms.

We help cover any risky areas and ensure there are no reasons your customers can choose not to pay

We’ll then draft agreements to set out the services defining any timescales and how they’ll be delivered

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Get it in writing...

Avoid any disputes and cover your business should any problems occur in the future

We tailor your contracts so they suit the needs of your business

Get a dedicated legal team who can help with any queries and guide you through the process.

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They might not sound the most exciting part of you journey as a business owner, but getting all your employment contracts in place can save a whole world of pain in the future.

So why are employment contracts so important? Well, they establish the relationship between an employer and an employee, outlining the responsibilities in a legally binding way to offer protection for both sides. They also provide clarity in what’s expected of an employee, including job duties, hours of work and what the all-important wage is. It might sound simple, but this prevents any disputes or misunderstandings around what’s expected from both parties. Employment contracts can also help protect confidential or sensitive information (think KFC’s secret spices) that the business is keen to keep under wraps. More than anything, employment contracts are key to establishing a clear understanding of the relationship between employer and employee, and to avoid any misunderstandings or disputes that crop up along the way.

What’s included in an employment contract will differ depending on the industry.

However, they typically include:

  1. The role and responsibilities – an outline of what the employee will be doing all day every day, and what will be expected of the employer.
  2. How much?! – a contract should outline how much an employee will be taking home with them, including salary, bonuses, benefits and any other extras.
  3. It’s not you, it’s me – a contract should also outline the grounds for termination, along with any notice periods for the role.
  4. Work hours – what are the expected work hours? Will there be over-time? It’s time to get these things written down!
  5. Confidentiality and Intellectual Property – maybe your business has elusive trade secrets it’d like to protect? The employment contract is the chance to make sure all the confidential information or copyrights are outlined and protected from any rogue employees.
  6. Non-compete clauses – businesses might wish to include non-compete clauses that restrict employees from working for a competitor or starting a business for a certain period of time after leaving the company.
  7. Dispute resolution – the contract may also include a clause that specifies how any disputes between the employer and the employee will be resolved, whether its through arbitration or mediation for example! Of course, employment contracts may vary, but including the points above is a safe bet for most employers. For assistance drafting employment contracts, speak to our team.

In short, yes.

Taxes unfortunately are inevitable, but there are lots of ways you can lessen the amount you’ll have to pay. That’s where a good accountant comes in. Trivial benefits, business expenses, capital allowances, pensions contributions ya-da, ya-da. We won’t bore you with the jargon but there are plenty of options that allow you to reduce the bill you pay to HMRC. A good tax advisor will make you aware of these way ahead of time and help you put in the necessary steps so you can take advantage of them proactively rather than letting the opportunity pass. We’ll also explain it in simple terms that a real-life person can understand so you don’t have to be a HMRC-created automaton.

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