Sometimes we really love our job, and meeting clients like Sophie Storm Roberts from Challenge Sophie is exactly why. So what does Sophie do? I suppose you could say that Sophie is ‘living the dream’. After quitting a corporate job, she became a full-time blogger/influencer/motivational speaker/ultra-athlete and all-round inspiring human being. She came to us because she wanted an accountant who could speak to her in plain English and explain the business stuff without the jargon. What she needed was a business advisor, someone to bounce ideas off, provide a solid business plan and support her along the way. Well luckily, we’re experts in all of the above.

How we helped

As a one-person operation, we became an extension of Sophie’s business, offering advice and guidance about the day to day stuff, but also being there when she needed our opinion on the big picture stuff. And then the pandemic came. Sophie said we were the first people she called when the pandemic hit, and fortunately we knew what to do. With our help, Sophie managed to ride the storm through a combination of careful tax and dividend planning, sound investments and making the most out of available government funds. We brought in real time information through daily bookkeeping and explained the numbers in our quarterly catch ups where we dissected the Management Accounts. More than anything, we’ve become like Sophie’s right arm, offering a sounding board for her business, explaining the jargon and supporting her along every step of her journey.

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