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As an employer, you need to utilise human resources to make it clear what you expect from your team and communicate your company values. Without one, you could be inviting problems in the future.

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No two businesses are the same, and we’ll work with you to create a bespoke Employee handbook that reflects your business.

We help define your goals so you can communicate it clearly in your handbook.

Outline your culture, and set standards for employees, so from day one they feel a part of the team.

We’ll handle the process for you, drafting a document that reflects your business and keeps your employees informed.

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A solid handbook will hold you in good stead to answer employee questions and protect you should anything go wrong in the future.

Document your culture and let new employees know what to expect.

Safeguard your business from legal disputes in the future.

Keep up to date with the latest changes so you can proactively support your employees and react to the latest developments.

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Everything in one place, all of your HR Policies, the admin-stuff, legal bits and everything in between.

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An employee handbook is a comprehensive document used by businesses to outline key information and guidelines to its workforce. It serves as a ‘central hub’ for employees, offering guidance on policies, procedures, expectations, and culture. Ultimately, it sets out to define an employer’s expectations, set the bar for an employee’s rights and responsibilities while providing a framework for how the company operates.

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It covers lots of bases, everything from codes of conduct, work hours, dress code, benefits, health and safety and compliance with legal regulations. Of course, every business will be different, and a solid employee handbook is tailored to the specific business. An employee handbook is a valuable legal tool, as it helps protect businesses by demonstrating that they have established and communicated clear guidelines and expectations to their employees.

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We've been working with A+L for over 5 years and would highly recommend the team! Friendly, knowledgeable and always happy to help. They have been fantastic at every stage if our business, from start-up to growth. A professional and approachable...
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Susie Batista

I’ve been with Accounts and Legal for just under a year and it’s true to say they’ve helped my business in a huge way. I was recommended them by my business coach which really says a...

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