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We couldn’t think of a better way to describe ourselves really, ‘Expert’ seems to hit the nail on the head.

It also shows how humble we are…

Take a peak at how our dream team can help you below.

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Lorraine Fitzpatrick

Business Development Director
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A female member of staff with a blue background

Rachel Duncan

Head of Legal
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For businesses who want more

We like working with businesses that want more.

Whether it’s more time spent with your family, more knowledge of the numbers, more growth or money to spend on refurbishing your multi-million-pound Yacht…

Whatever it is you want, we can help you get there with a solid business plan and up-to-date numbers.

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Neil Ormesher

Meet Neil Ormesher, CEO of Accounts and Legal. Neil has been in the...
Cookin' Up a Storm100
Accountancy Knowledge 1000
Business Acumen100
Kitchen Dance Moves4
A male member of staff with a green background

Neil Nichols

Honorary Northerner:55
Piano Skills:89
Business Smarts:99
Walking the Walk:100

Lorraine Fitzpatrick

Business Development Director
Meet Lorraine, our National Director of sales and Head of all things new...
Sun Worshipping 89
Problem Solving101
Loving the client10000
Prosecco Enthusiast99
Jessica Hall

Jessica Hall

Business Development Consultant
Meet Jessica, Our new Business Development Consultant. Jess joins the Accounts and Legal...
Solution Finding100
Pasta Loving1000
Greys Anatomy Enthusiast 90
Cornet Playing95
A female member of staff with a green background

Darcie Robinson

Head of Manchester
Name: Darcie Robinson Job title: Head of Manchester One line job description: Supporting...
Bolton Pride:1000
Cat lover:98
A picture of Becky Dillion with a pink circular background

Becky Dillon

Head of Payroll
Name: Becky Dillon Job title: Head of Payroll One line job description: Ensuring...
Public Speaking:100
Pint Pulling:99
Chocolate Willpower:0
Payroll Superpowers:1000
A female member of staff with a blue background

Rachel Duncan

Head of Legal
Theatre Lover:89
Eagle Eye:99
Legal Magic:1000

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