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It’s getting hot in here

24 Jul 2015

The Tories are back in, the sun is out, and we’ve been having fun with our clients. It has been another excellent fortnight at Accounts and Legal, with great progress for existing clients and new clients coming on board. All in all, we’re having an uplifting time!

Tory win

There have been mixed feelings in the office over the election results, but we’re all agreed that things are looking up for small businesses. Frozen taxes, greater access to funding, and a stable economy all mean this is a good time to invest in your business, so if you’re thinking of growing, get in touch.

Uplifting news

One of the best things about being accountants is that we get to be involved at all the most exciting stages of our clients’ businesses.

This week we were pretty ecstatic about the arrival of specialist lingerie company Attollo’s samples. They make underwear and bras for petite ladies with larger bosoms, and we love the idea of supporting them so they can support their customers! They’re delighted with their samples, and say their seamless ambitions can be realised in the finest satin.

What do accountants do?

Lots of things. Recently we’ve been helping design a complex share structure for a relatively new client, which will help their founders and investors extract money from the company in the most tax-efficient way.

We’ve also been working with a more established client, providing real-time capture facial animation technology, who is in the middle of a round of financing, and it’s going very well. And we’ve just done an annual insight report for another client; we’re very happy with their growth in the context of their industry, and have spotted a few ways to help improve their cashflow.

To find out more about our annual insight reports click here.

Egg-static early meeting

Perhaps most uplifting of all, is that tomorrow’s team meeting will be catered by one of our new clients. Now, we tend to be sushi fans, but the meeting is taking place a little earlier than normal, and, well, is there anything better than a fry-up? BEDnBREAKFAST deliver the full English, amongst many other delectable breakfast delights, right to your door. How has no one done this before?

World War III

As we edge closer to summer we’ve shed our down coats and thermal underwear (yes, we had some stubborn clingers-on well into spring) and swapped them for dresses and short-sleeves (and, for some unknown reason, the odd waistcoat), but who knew the heat would cause such trouble? A lovely feature of our office is the plentiful glass, but it has seen temperatures soaring, and we have already had one stroptastic fall-out over the placement of a portable fan. Things were said which shouldn’t have been said, and there are regrets all round. Luckily, temperatures have fallen, but several of us are investing in our own desk fans to avoid further friction.