Becky Dillon, Payroll Manager


No more stressing about paying the right tax or being chased by employees for payslips…

Access all your important documentation in one place and make sure your employees get paid on time with our payroll team working for your business.

How we help

All our clients have access to a secure online portal where they can view reports, payslips, holiday tracking, P45s and much more.

Dedicated onboarding team ensures smooth transition for new clients’ payroll.

Clients have a dedicated Payroll Manager as a main point of contact for any queries.

BrightPay Connect portal allows access to key documents, including payslips, HMRC payments, and HR documents.

Fully outsourced Pension Service available, including managing pension contributions and ensuring compliance with the Pension Regulator.

The technical bit

Modulr allows staff payments to be made within 60 seconds, including ad hoc payments and HMRC payments.

We’ll directly deal with HMRC for P11D and Payroll Benefits, and guide you through the process.

BrightPay Connect combines HR and payroll services for business owners by enabling easy leave, WFH, and sick day approvals.

As your PAYE Agent, we handle registration, submissions, tax code changes, reminders, and timely payments for PAYE.

What do we mean when we talk about Dinosaur Accountants?

How to spot a dinosaur:

  • Gets you to send months of receipts in one go
  • Only speaks to you near the financial year-end
  • Doesn’t offer any proactive tax planning
  • Makes no attempt to understand your business or industry
  • Heavily relies on outdated technology that isn’t fit for purpose (i.e Excel Spreadsheets…)
  • Speaks in accounting jargon.

The time for accounting dinosaurs is over, find out how we do things differently and get in touch today.

You might have heard this one bandied around by accountants before, and no, we're not talking about Angry Birds.

The App Stack is a fancy way of talking about the apps you choose as part of your Finance Function. The best way to picture it is similar to a smartphone. In this example, let’s imagine Xero is your smartphone. It’s the main platform that we use, it houses everything and bring it all together in one place. Just as you can download apps onto your smartphone, you can also add other apps to Xero depending on what functionality you want. There are all kinds of Apps that integrate with Xero, from receipt scanning, to invoice chasingcashflow forecastinge-commerce and management accounting. All of these apps integrate with Xero and give you even more information about your business.

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Becky Dillon

Head of Payroll
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Jonas Kibrick
Very helpful in taking care of everything I need. Even when I'm not the easiest customer Jonas Kibrick
Anjana Silva
Fantastic service, Tas and Georgina always do a great job!
Susie Batista
healthcare accountants
Susie Batista

I’ve been with Accounts and Legal for just under a year and it’s true to say they’ve helped my business in a huge way. I was recommended them by my business coach which really says a...

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