Small Business Advice

5 Things Successful People Do

5 Oct 2015

What do successful people do differently? Are they superhuman, or could anyone be happier and richer if they copied the habits of the successful? There’s no easy path to success. It’s hard work. But if you get disciplined and follow these steps, you’ll be on the right track.

Rise and shine

Successful people get up early. 6 am, 5:30 am: it might sound atrocious but getting up early means you have some time to yourself before work, which helps you feel in control of your own life. You can also prepare yourself as you would like for the day ahead. Set a time, and stick to it. Your snooze button is the devil. If you allow yourself those extra five, ten, fifteen minutes, it’s likely to happen increasingly often, your morning routine will be compromised, and you’ll start your day in rush.

Keep healthy

Successful people exercise regularly, usually before work. Exercise releases endorphins, which help manage stress and give you a positive outlook for the rest of the day. Rather than trying to fit in a few long gym sessions a week, work shorter sessions into your morning routine. Eating healthily boosts your immune system, and studies have shown it also improves your brain function. Looking good tends to make you feel better too.

Nurture your brain

Successful people are always learning. They keep on top of current affairs with daily news injections, and read everything they can get their hands on within their industry, but also outside of it. Big news affects markets and trends, and being able to contribute to extra-curricular conversations with business contacts is essential. Reading outside of your industry, including fiction, can spark new ideas, deepen your understanding of people and concepts, and also help you relax.

Get over it

Successful people don’t dwell on failures and negative experiences. Not everything will go as planned. Not every business relationship will be positive. The important thing is to learn from mistakes, understand what you can do to improve, and give yourself a break for things over which you genuinely had no control. Then move on.


Successful people work more than other people. They start early, finish late, and when inspiration strikes they don’t put it off till the next working day. But they also take time to relax. If you never eat lunch away from your desk, don’t give yourself the odd evening with your friends and family, treat every weekend like normal work days, and don’t take holidays – even long weekends – your productivity will drop, and you’ll be at risk of burnout. To help switch off at the end of the day or before a longer break, write down your goals for your next time at work, so you don’t feel the need to keep going over things in case you forget.