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Pole Position

24 Jul 2013

Over the past 8 years, the number of Polish people in the UK has risen from 75,000 to half a million.

The majority of those new arrivals are living and working in London, with many setting up businesses: it’s not uncommon to see a Polish Deli or specialist grocery store and the Polish building trade has been instrumental in London’s housing boom.

But are service providers joining the dots? With so many Polish speaking people doing business in the UK are landlords, accountants and business consultants adapting or are they missing a trick?

Down with the Lingo

Polish is now the second language in London after English. But it’s rare to find an accountant who offers their service in Polish.

Accounting language is hard enough to decode in your mother tongue, so providing technical service in multiple languages makes sense for professional service firms.

Pole Position

Not only can we offer a Polish speaking accountant, at Accounts and Legal we are constantly coming up with ways to make the accounting process easier and more useful for our clients. With our commercial insight reports and client portals we can work with our clients while they grow and become more profitable by utilising our resources.