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There’s nothing more beautiful than Xero

7 Jan 2014

We proudly announced last week that we have just become official partners of Xero; online accounting software tailored to modern business requirements.

Traditionally, accounting software has been notoriously difficult to use unless you happen to be a chartered accountant. And this lack of flexibility was usually compounded by the fact that the data was typically only available to the accountant (who only really needed it once a year) rather than the small business owner (who typically needed it daily).

Xero changes all this

Xero is web based, so both the accountant and small business owner can access the same data simultaneously. This makes the accounts process much more collaborative than it used to be, and it means that the numbers can be kept completely up to date. ipad_inside_screen_705x470

Another strength is the fact that Xero comes with an app and a host of innovations that make life easier. Once of the features we love the most is that you can take a photo of your receipts and upload them through the app. Your accountant can then review and classify them straight away rather than waiting until the year end.

Automated bank feeds and online invoicing

By linking Xero to your current account, it will automatically pull in your latest cash position and reconcile the transactions against your invoices and expenses. Online invoicing means that you can quickly generate and email invoices to your clients. And if you get Xero hooked up to a payment provider, your clients can also pay the invoice with a credit or debit card.

The reports produced are very useful and the system is capable of dealing with complex transactions. Stock control is not yet in place but this system is a great alternative for any sized company without an inventory requirement, but needing a multi-user or multi-site capability.


It’s accounting innovation at its best and we are proud to be able to offer this service to our clients.

If you are running a small business or thinking about starting one and you think this software will work for you then please contact us to discuss your options or use our instant quote tool to see how much we cost.

Or if you are a small business looking for your first accountant, you may be eligible for our new low cost online accounts package.